Greetings in the name of Jesus! This is a continuing effort on my part to make available to family, friends, and any other poor unfortunate souls that run across this, some of the thoughts that run through my mind regarding sermon preparation, newsletter articles, random thoughts (of which there are many), and generally how God is working in my life. I hope to post at least once a week but I'm not promising that.

So welcome to it.

Post Script:
A couple of people have asked me about the address. When I was putting this together I was preparing for sermons from the 6th chapter of John where Jesus refers to himself as "The Bread of Life" and these are passages that I strongly identify with. So artos is bread and zoe is life (roughly) and to quote Forrest, "That's all I have to say about that."

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good Bye to From My Perspective

Recently my conscience got the better of me and I finally inquired into getting "official" permission to base my monthly church newsletter on Gary Larson's "The Far Side®." Here was the response:

Dear Rev. Davis,

Thank you for your request to reprint Gary Larson's Far Side cartoon(s) in your monthly newsletter.

Regretfully, we must decline permission, as Mr. Larson has a blanket policy against allowing his work to be reprinted in newsletters or any publication that are of a religious or political nature. Mr. Larson strongly believes in showing no preference to any particular religious or political organization, unless he is personally familiar and in agreement with the organization and their viewpoints.

Again, thank your for your interest in The Far Side® and we hope you continue to be a fan of Mr. Larson's work. 

While I do not agree that using Mr. Larson's cartoons as fertile ground for expressing my own faith perspective (hence the title From My Perspective) in any way implies that he agrees or shows preference... I intend to honor Mr. Larson's request and in doing so have removed all of the past posts of From My Perspective.

And if you're wondering... I still remain a fan of  The Far Side®.